New Car

About 3 years ago I bought my first car. It was a 2004 Honda Civic. I liked it. Last week I got a call from the dealership where I bought it, they asked if I was considering getting a new car. I said I wasn't as mine was less than 3 years old. They asked me to come in and check it out, I figured why not so I went in.

I test drove the car, it's definately an improvement on what I had. It's very "futuristic" looking and all the displays inside are digital.

After haggling with them for a while, I was able to get the same payments on the new car that I had on my old car, which was a pretty sweet deal.

So I drove out of the dealership on Tuesday, happy as can be with my new car.

Then on Thursday, as I was driving around for some things for work, someone T-boned me.

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Road Trips and Such

I have returned home from a roadtrip with lotjeisgraaf. I flew into Charlotte on Saturday morning, we got a rental and headed West. We stayed on I-40 for most of it (with a minor detour to Mississippi). We got back Monday night. It was very fun. :-D Lotje drove for most of it, so I was able to sleep. :-p

We took video of the trip, if you want to watch it (it's about half an hour) you can download it here. It's about 150MB, so I wouldn't suggest downloading it unless you have cable or DSL.

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I just saw a video for what looks to be the greatest game ever created. Spore.

It's 35 minutes long, but well worth it, you basically start out as a single cell organism and then eventually evolve into more complex organisms that you create yourself. It simply looks astounding. I've never been a big fan of The Sims, but I definately think I'd play this game. Too bad it doesn't come out till the end of the year.


Got some new glasses today.

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Life is going pretty well, I've been shuffling back and forth between Yuma and Phoenix and will probably continue to do so until next month. I'll be an uncle in the next few weeks (my sister is having a daughter). I'm almost done with the first class I was taking at South Mountain Community College, only 3 more to go.

Oh, and I'm having far too much fun with "Google Suggest".



It's strange how you can see something every day, and not really notice anything pecular about it. It's always been there, there's nothing odd or funny about it. It's just there.

Today I looked at a small calendar, I read the top of it and couldn't help myself. How had I missed it? How had I gone all these years without realizing it? Why was this moment chosen as a moment of epiphany. I shall never now. But I do know I'll never be able to look at a calendar again without smiling.

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So I'm back from the Carolinas. Training went pretty well, hopefully I can retain most of the stuff I was told.

Friday was a half day, so after the class finished I drove back up to North Carolina to hang out with lotjeisgraaf a bit more. While the whole week had been pretty decent, it started to rain as I left Greenville. By the time I got to lotje's, it was a full down pour. We drove around a bit, she showed me where she was currently working and a nearby waterfall.

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I woke up the next morning and looked out the window from my bed and saw the sun out, I thought it was going to be a decent day. I got out of bed and started checking things online (cause, you know, that's always first priority in the morning) and lotje came out and told me it had snowed. I looked outside and sure enough, there it was. See, that's how you know when you're too far gone. When you can wake up, go to the bathroom and sit down on the couch and not even once look outside.

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We hung out some more on Saturday and Sunday, but because the wind was so strong we couldn't go up into the mountains. I flew back on Sunday, pretty uneventful.

Today I started school again. I'm taking some Cisco classes at a community college. We were in one of the labs and the teacher was showing us the equipment we would be using when the whole school was plummeted into darkness. Apparently a transformer blew up. So we got to go home a bit early. I may be going down to Yuma a lot in the next month in a half. One of the businesses that we own down there is moving into a new building, so I'll have to help with setting up the new network and all that fun geeky stuff. Hopefully it won't conflict with any of my schooling.

The Carolinas

Saturday morning I got on a plane and flew to Greenville, South Carolina for training for my job. It was pretty much an all day thing. I left Phoenix at 9:45AM and arrived at 6:30PM. Once I got there I drove up to North Carolina to hang out with lotjeisgraaf. My classes don't start until Monday so I hung out with her Saturday night and Sunday.

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Right now I'm laying on the floor of my hotel room because the only Internet cable I brought with me is a foot long and the plug for the Internet is next to the phone port. No wireless either.