Yaksha (yaksha42) wrote,


I've bought and been giving prints at various comic cons for a year, but I'm always so lazy when it comes to actually putting them up. I don't typically like putting holes in the wall, and I don't want to use tape because they tends to ruin them. Luckily 3M makes these velcro things you can put stuff on walls without putting holes in them. I've actually bought frames for them, but planning on where to put them and how to put them up is an effort so I just plan to do it later. Today I finally framed a hung up a bunch of them! I hope they aren't too crooked. :p

Discworld, Mr. Sinister, and Dick Tracy. Joe Stanton, the guy who currently writes for Dick Tracy, gave me the print when he saw me dressed at Dick Tracy at New York Comic Con.

Loki and Hulk, Horror Villains Playing Poker.

My dad and grandpa's high school, and a quote from Portal 2. I've had these up for a while but figured I'd keep going with the theme.

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