Yaksha (yaksha42) wrote,

Comic Con!

lotjeisgraaf and I are going to the New York City Comic Con this year! We'll see how it compares to the San Diego one from last year.

Lotje is in the process of making a Skyrim costume. While I'd like to go as a Skyrim denizen as well, the amount of time and effort to put together such a costume (not to mention the skills :p) are beyond me. I typically like to put together fairly lazy costumes. I don't like anything that covers my mouth and also dislike face paint, so that limits it a bit. I really couldn't think of anything to go as so I figured I'd just re-use my PsiCop uniform from last year. But I happened to be flipping through the channels and saw Dick Tracy was on and realized it would be a pretty easy costume! He basically wears a suit, with a yellow coat and a yellow hat. How hard can those be to find?

I spent quite a long time online trying to find a yellow trench coat, without any success. I found costumes that were similar, but were really terrible quality. I had just about given up hope when Lotje suggested getting a white lab coat and dying it yellow. Why can't I ever come up with good ideas like this? :p So I looked around and lab coats aren't that expensive, so I ordered one and dyed in.

Here's the coat. I also found a white hat in the style I needed at Goodwill. I had no idea how well it would dye, but I wanted to try and get the hat and coat as close in color as possible. It was $5, so what the hell?

I used a large tub inside my bath tub for the dye. I didn't want to use the kind you put in your washing machine for fear that it would later dye my other clothes yellow.

Here I had just put the coat in. I stirred the coat around and it just to yellow pretty quickly.

Then I threw the hat in. While the coat changed yellow right away, the hat didn't have the same luck. It was barely yellow, and very blotchy. I left both in there for an hour, moving them around quite a bit to try and get the dye to spread. In the end, when I rinsed everything off, the hat when back to pretty much white. Who knew you couldn't dye felt? Well, others I talked to said it was obvious, so I guess just me. :-p

Here's the coat hanging up. It was almost a little too yellow. But a subsequent trip through the washing machine lightened it up a bit.

Assembled costume. I ended up just buying a hat on eBay.

A little closer. Sorry for the quality of the self shot pictures. :-p

All in all I think it came out pretty good. I still might make a watch, not that it would ever be seen. :-p Also, it's probably a good thing I'm going to be wearing 4 layers of clothing when I'm in New York in October.

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